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Three Phase Filters

Extensive offering of standard Three Phase filters and EMI filters as well as a diverse offering of custom products.

Products cover all applications for EMI filters, AC filters, DC filters, single phase filters, three phase  filters, IEC inlet filters and PEM or power entry module filters.

Safety approvals to the applicable UL, CSA and CE standards.

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Delta Configuration
  RP300   Single Stage, High Performance        25A to 500A

  RP305   Single Stage. Compact, Low Height    6A to 60A

  RP310   Single Stage, Ultra Compact                6A to 20A
  RP320   Dual Stage, High Performance           15Ato 300A
  RP325   Dual Stage, High Performance           15Ato 300A
  RP327   Dual Stage, Bookshelf Design             7A to 250A
  RP328   Single Stage, Bookshelf Design          7A to 180A
  RP350   Single Stage, Compact                        20A to 100A
  RP360   Single Stage, Compact                        20Ato 60A


WYE Configuration
  RP400       Single Stage + N, High Performance               15A to 300A
  RP405       Single Stage + N, Compact, Low Height          6A to 40A
  RP410       Single Stage + N, Ultra Compact                      6A to 20A

  RP410HP  Single Stage + N, Ultra Compact, High  Perf   6A to 20A

  RP415       Single Stage + N, Compact                               8A to 160A
  RP420       Dual Stage + N, High Performance                 15A to 300A
  RP425       Dual Stage + N, High Performance                 15A to 300A


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Crosses to Corcom and Schaffner's three phase filter

Visit www.ul.com for complete list of safety approvals






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